Teens Drivers Pay the Most for Car Insurance

Don’t get your teen state minimal coverage. An injury accident could cost way more than the California minimums. Deductibles are a good thing, esp. if your teen is paying them. The premiums go lower and if you explain to your teen that they will pay, they somehow become more responsible.

Uninsured motorists is a great option to protect your teen from other crazy drivers besides themselves. Personal injury protection (PIP) is good to have if your teen does not have heath insurance or has a deductible.

Teenage Males

Teem (boys?) men pay more for auto insurance than women because they are greater risk takes, fast drivers and incur more in car insurance claims. Male teenagers can expect to pay more for another reason other than their sex. They are also inexperienced and studies show that less experienced drivers are less able to recognize hazardous situations and more likely to underestimate dangerous ones. In fact, the largest cause of teen accidents is excessive speed.

Young men pay higher premiums because they cause about 30% of injuries from motor vehicles per year. You must shop around and comparing rates from a few companies to get the best rate for your teen.

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