Popular Cities Auto Insurance Rates And Policies

To pick out an auto insurance policy can differ by hundreds of dollars. Finding the best rates and policies can be frustrating, but depending upon where you live you may be able to find an unbeatable deal. Living in different cities such as New York City, Salt Lake City, and Oklahoma City, all of your rates and quotes will be different.

Statistically, New York City has the some of the most expensive Auto insurance rates. Being a very populated city with 8,143,197 people, New York has the implemented a policy different then most states. It states that no matter who is at fault in an accident, both parties are required to make payments toward the damage. Even if you are a safe driver, your insurance company has to pay out when you get in an auto accident. With an average auto insurance policy, the average American pays $1,262.50 in New York City for an auto policy with minimal coverage.

Salt Lake City auto insurance differs from New York City. In Salt Lake City, you do not need to pay for an accident that you didn’t cause. Also, on average their car insurance rates and policies are about three hundred and forty two dollars cheaper than New York City. Although the population is less, in 2005 there were still 2,079 reported car thefts. This statistic still keeps the policies relatively high.

Oklahoma City also has different statistics which affect the average auto insurance rate and policy. Oklahoma City is not as populated as New York City but has almost double the car thefts as Salt Lake City, so the rates are based accordingly. Based on your driving record, your rate will change for each person. In Oklahoma, your rate will be more than Salt Lake, but less than New York.

When you purchase an auto insurance policy, they combine a number of factors to calculate your personal rate. Factors such as location, driving record, age and gender all play a role in deciding how much your coverage will be. Keeping a clean driving record is the most important and getting your auto insurance reduced.

Statistics show that depending upon which city you live in there will be different policies and rates. Major cities such as New York City, Salt Lake City, and Oklahoma City all differ based upon their statistics and population. The new largest factors depending upon each city is their population and crime rate statistics.

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