General Auto Insurance Rates Fall As Fewer Vehicles Are Stolen

If you live in or around Yakima, Washington, Las Vegas, Nevada or El Paso, Texas, there’s some good news for you. These are regions in which incidents of auto theft have historically been high – but as car theft decreases around the country, people are seeing decreases in their general auto insurance costs as well.

The NICB Report

According to the most recent figures from the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), incidents of auto theft in the U.S. have gone down by approximately 18% over the past two years. This translates into real savings for consumers, making it easier to find the best car insurance rates on comprehensive coverage in major metropolitan areas.

How It’s Happening

The reduction in auto theft across the nation has been due to a number of factors. Technology such as tracking devices and the greater availability of anti-theft devices have had an impact on the issue as drivers take greater precautions in protecting their transportation investment. The combined efforts of law enforcement and insurance investigators have also played a part.

Don’t Get Complacent

Granted, most people who carry comprehensive insurance that covers loss due to theft are those who drive newer vehicles, but even those folks (and perhaps these people especially) are looking for ways to trim expenses and get the lowest auto insurance rates possible. It may be tempting to drop your theft coverage – but unless yours is an older vehicle worth less than a few thousand dollars, this is not a good idea (and if you still owe on the vehicle, your lender may not allow you to do this in any event).

Instead, you should (in addition to keeping the car locked whenever you park it) invest in anti-theft security devices. Car alarms are a highly effective deterrent, particularly those that not only emit an audible alarm, but also activate the lights.

Another important safeguard is a tracking device, which can be hidden almost anywhere on the vehicle. Using a combination of wireless and GPS technology, such a device can be programmed to alert you should someone attempt to make off with your vehicle. Furthermore, it can be of invaluable assistance to law enforcement in recovering your vehicle – and your insurer will reward you with cheaper car insurance rates.

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